The Upside Blues Band

Meet Frank Goudreault, the seasoned songwriter and musician behind North Bay's newest blues outfit, The Upside Blues Band, also known as TUBB.

TUBB is a blues band with a soulful and energetic sound that draws influence from some of the greats such as Tommy Castro, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Lewis Band and Colin James. Their music is a mix of blues, funk, rock and gospel, incorporating catchy guitar riffs, groovy bass lines, and powerful vocals. Their lyrics explore themes of personal struggle, redemption, salvation, and social change, while also incorporating a few covers too.

While TUBB's roots are grounded in gospel themes, their fun and rockin' sound will resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. Frank intends for TUBB’s live performances to be known for high energy and emotional depth, always engaging the audience with genuine and authentic passion.

TUBB will become a staple in the Northern Ontario music scene with performances at festivals, fairs, bars, and churches alike. Covering bass and vocals himself, Frank is currently seeking talented musicians to complete their lineup, including drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists, harmonica players, and horn players too.

Frank's love for music started when he was a teenager playing in rock bands. However, he always felt like he was searching for something more meaningful. That's when he turned to his faith in Jesus, which gave him the clarity and purpose he had been seeking. After many years in the city, Frank has returned to his Northern Ontario roots, ready to take this journey with TUBB as they share the blues ... with an uplifting twist!

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